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The following conference reports are available:

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Slovenia - Kranj, 20th March 2012 ... Download document

Turkey - Ankara, 2nd May 2012 ... Download document

Cyprus - Nicosia, 30th May 2012 ... Download document

Greece - Athens, 20th November 2012 ... Download document

Latvia - Riga, 21st March 2013 ... Download document

Hungary - Budapest, 26th April 2013 ... Download document

Estonia - Tallinn, 19th September 2013 ... Download document

Serbia - Belgrade, 3rd October 2013 ... Download document

Lithuania - Vilnius, 19th February 2014 ... Download document

Slovakia - Bratislava, 25th March 2014 ... Download document

Poland - Warsaw, 25th April 2014 ... Download document

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