How ATOME works

The work in the ATOME Project follows two tracks in parallel.

One track is related to the analysis of national policies and national circumstances that affect the accessibility and availability of the medicines involved. The goals are both to make recommendations to the government and to make professionals aware of problems arising from their professional practice, by undertaking a national situational analysis with regard to controlled medicines, including their availability, rational use and causes for underuse. Furthermore, in this track a plan will be drafted on how the implementation of these recommendations can be promoted at country level.

The other track looks at optimising the relevant legislation in order to acknowledge both the prevention of abuse and dependence and the medical need for these medicines. The goal is to make recommendations on how to optimize the legislation for equal or even better prevention of abuse and dependence and making the medicines concerned readily available and accessible for rational medical use at the same time.

These tracks are realised through 11 work packages:

ATOME structure of activities

Flowchart demonstrating the ATOME structure of activities

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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/2007-2013] under grant agreement no 222994

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