Access to Opioid Medication in Europe (ATOME)

Welcome to ATOME – your hub for opioid medication access in Europe. Explore regulations, policies, and challenges across countries. Stay updated with our articles and analyses. Join us in promoting responsible opioid use and equitable access.

Our Mission

At ATOME, we are committed to a singular mission: to revolutionize access to pain relief across Europe. By fostering collaboration, advocating for policy changes, and raising awareness, we aim to break down barriers and ensure that every individual has access to the pain management they need.

Improve Access to Pain Management

We’re dedicated to enhancing access to effective pain management solutions across Europe.

Educate and Inform

We strive to educate and inform individuals, healthcare professionals, and policymakers about opioid medication access and its impact on pain management.

Policy Advocacy

Advocating for policy reforms to ensure equitable access to opioid medication for those in need.

Key Features of Our Initiative

Our initiative is characterized by several key features that drive our mission forward:

Country-Specific Strategies

Tailored approaches for each European nation, ensuring our efforts address unique challenges and opportunities in opioid access.

Research and Insights

In-depth analysis and up-to-date research findings to inform our initiatives and advocate for evidence-based policies.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Working hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals, policymakers, and organizations to create impactful solutions and foster a united front in tackling opioid access issues
Henrik Müller

Prof. Henrik Müller

Prof. Henrik Müller is a leading expert in healthcare policy and pharmaceutical regulation. With decades of experience in academia and research, Prof. Müller has contributed extensively to the understanding of healthcare systems and policy frameworks, particularly in the context of opioid medication access. His groundbreaking research has shed light on the complexities of opioid regulation, patient access barriers, and the impact of policy interventions on public health outcomes.

Why the ATOME Project Matters

The ATOME Project is vital because it addresses the critical need for improved access to pain relief in Europe. By advocating for evidence-based policies, conducting research, and fostering collaboration, it catalyzes positive change in healthcare systems. Ultimately, it embodies principles of compassion and progress, striving to alleviate suffering and promote health for all Europeans.

Latest News & Updates

Educational Workshops and Conferences

Our events bring together healthcare professionals, policymakers, and researchers to discuss opioid access and pain management. Join us for interactive sessions and expert presentations to drive positive change in Europe’s pain management practices.